We do the tech & help you do the rest.

GETS provides the technical sophistication and practical knowledge
on how to setup and operate a professional Trade Exchange.

New Standards

Many believe the GETS Technology creates new standards and provides the best trade credit clearing technology in the world.
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Discover and benefit from the huge wealth of knowledge and experience that has gone into crafting the tools 240+ features built into the GETS Technology.

High Performance

The built-in processes in GETS Technology make the most of your time and will increase the profits of your Exchange by maximising  efficiency of your staff and members. 

Quality Built in

.NET Microsoft Core Technology making GETS the Best Exchange platform for building applications, seamless, secure  with scalable performance.

GETS Products and Services 

Over 240 Features 

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GETS Technology Licenses

GETS license fees are is based on:

 1. The number of Functions and Features * you wish to use to operate your system.

 2. The number of CAL's (Clients Access License's) based on active trading members.






20+ Features*

Single Exchange

Single Divsion

Single Broker

Includes 100 CAL's

Extra CAL's @£0.50

Setup From £200

Starts@ £50 Mth

40+ Features*

Single Exchange


Single Broker

Includes 200 CAL's

Extra CAL's @£0.40

Setup From £300

Starts@ £100 Mth

120+ Features*

Single Exchange

Single Divsion

Multiple Brokers

Includes 500 CAL's

Extra CAL's @£0.30

Setup From £500

Starts@ £200 Mth

210+ features*

Single Exchange

Multiple Divsions

Multiple Brokers

Includes 1,000 CAL's

Extra CAL's @£POA

Setup POA

Starts@ POA Mth

240+ Features*

Multiple Exchanges

Multiple Divsions

Multiple Brokers

Includes 2,000 CAL's

Extra CAL's @£POA

Setup POA

Starts@ POA Mth

GETS Technology is delivered as a SaaS (Software as a Service)  

Community Builder

Start-Up Exchange

Established Exchange

Business Network

Best for the non profit community with a core group in one location that has identified the benefits of starting a community currency program or credit-clearing system but has not started to sign-up members.

GETS Plus offers a basic strategy plan that will identify the key areas you need to focus on to make your currency program successful and sustainable.

Best if you are just at the start of considering a credit-clearing system (commercial barter system) and all the ideas and concepts associated with it are not fully documented yet, but you plan to assemble a good business base to start.

GETS Plus offers a full day strategy planning session with you to define how to launch and grow your network in a sustainable way.

A good choice for established Trade Exchange systems, community currency system or a membership of businesses that wish to enhance the value of the network by adopting the GETS Technology, procedures and standards.

GETS Plus offers a two-day strategy planning session to define step-by-step how to launch and grow your network in a sustainable way.

A good option if you have a vision of creating your own branded Trade Exchange for your business community that encompasses many facets of credit-clearing and covers a large geographic area.

GETS Plus offers two separate strategy planning sessions with you to define the phases necessary to launch and grow your network in a sustainable way.

GETS Plus can also provide programs for other types of organisations such as:

1. Corporate Barter
This is where the company is the princple in all transations, GETS provide all the necessary accounting procedures for Corporate Barter.

2. Franchisors
This is where multiple franchisees in different regions & countries are connected through one centralised system.

3. Inter-Exchange Central Credit Clearing 
This allows multiple independent exchanges to share marketplaces and intertrade while still using their own platforms.

4. Timebanks
This a community based credit system where the currency is based on hours.

5. Loyalty Exchange
GETS provides complete branded customer loyalty and employee reward programmes with a focus on local business. Whether you are looking to increase business or to reward customers and employees, we provide a modern and cost effective solution to meet your needs. GETS provides managed loyalty and reward programs to every size of business.

So.... there are no limits on how big your Exchange can be!

After you have determined the best GETS Program for your Exchange, select the GETS License option above and contact us for a  Demo and Price

GETS White-Box – Documents for Admin, Legal, Leaflets, Presentations, Manual, Videos etc...Our Vision, Philosophy, Procedures & Standards, included in the GETS Whitebox is a wealth of international experience in operating B2B Trade Exchange & B2C Loyalty Exchange systems.

We believe that fundamental knowledge of how to properly and responsibly operate a Peer to Peer Mutual Credit Clearing System is crucial.

The philosophy of GETS Plus is to concentrate on providing knowledge & products that work well and provide exciting features that will increase your trading and open-up new opportunities.

WhiteBox Content Description Price
1. Administration Docs: Templates of documents required to administer an Exchange. POA
2. Operations Manual: The GETS 450 page Manual includes GETS philosophy all the policies, procedures and work instructions. POA
3. Presentation Slides: Selection of Animated PowerPoint sales slides from the GETS library of 250. POA
4. Business Plan: Tailor made business plan to be used for potential investors, consulting available. POA
5. Marketing Plan: Designed to be used for the marketing strategy for a Trade Exchange, consulting available. POA
6. Cash-flow Plan: Designed for Trade Exchange showing Income streams costs & profit, consulting available. POA
7. Website Design: Website design using templates and adding own content, colours, images and logos POA

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